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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

S3 E1 "A Tale of Two Cities"

Can I just say that I that Elizabeth Mitchell(Juliette) is a fantastic addition to the show this year? She has't yet captured the grace that Michael Emerson (Ben/Henry Gale) has with Henry... but her character is a definite bonus in the Lost World.

I am curently in college, and I had the opportunity to watch the season premiere with about 20-30 other college students in the conference room of our dorm. Being in that large of a group I have the distinct pleasure of hearing what really is liked and not liked by the audience in any given episode. Because of this, my statements might be slightly biased in the regard that I'll mention moments were the audience I was with were especially surprised.

With that said...I agree with others when they said the first five minutes were an excellent "shock" moment for the audience. My immediate reactions to seeing the civilization were 1) Why are they there, 2) How are they so civilized, and 3) Why are they reading Stephen King (okay so this last one might not be as important, but books seem to matter on Lost).

The story line with Jack, at least for me, was rather predictable. Whenever we think we figure something out right away on last... it means that we haven't figured anything out. Hence why Christian Shepard dating Sarah was just not plausible.

One question that keeps running back to me is whether or not Ben and Juliette planned the flood before hand. If they knew so much about Jack then they must have known he wouldn't have given up so easily. Hence also they used the ploy of Ben locking both of them inside to drown so Juliette would gain Jack's trust better. It was also confirmed through the last conversation of the episode.

The side stories with kate and sawyer were both creepy and amusing and it appears that skate might be happening before jate does. The onyl way I can see kate choosing jack is if he decides to stay with the others and therefore she has like a one-night stand with him before she goes back to the fuselage camp.

All in all, the episode was a decent one though and definetely moved the story along. I'll be looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how they bring this arch back into focus.

Finally. to conclude about my feelings I'll end with my weekly five questions of- Was it just me or:

-Was Ben/Henry especially creepy in tonite's episode?

-Do you think Carl was part of the tail section?

-Do you think that the others are a part of the "Utopian Society" mentioned on the Dharma Iniative video (See S2 E3)

-Are you really confused how the others got all that information about the survivors... but not only that but how quick they were able to get specific info (such as Jack's father's death).

-Did Tom say he was gay?

Let me know how you feel in the comments. I'd love to get feedback and questions and comments... so fire away!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I purcahsed the official Lost Game online this week and got it in the mail today. I've decided to post some pictures up of the game itself. Underneath each picture is some more information about what exactly you're looking at. Enjoy!

I got my copy of Lost: The Game on Amazon for about 25-30 bucks... free shipping!

This picture is of the contents of the box. It includes the dice. The lost character cards, a dharma coin, and then the playing board pieces and playing cards.

Here is the LOST side of the coin

A better picture of the items inside the box. Uncerneath the character cards on the left, are the character pieces which are plastic squares that have a different character on each.

The backside of the box shows some of the player cards.

The SWAN side of the Coin.

Another close up of the backside of the box, showing how the playing field is set up. It personally reminds me of settlers of Catan... although I haven't played this game yet and haven't read the directions about the game yet.

Another photo of the back of the box.... an NO, those are not glyphs on the right hand side.

The front cover of the box.

The back cover of the box.

And once again the front cover of the box.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Doc Jensen's Glyph 29.... found in Los Angeles by Tapdawg, UnseenPresence and SamG!

So I arrived at 11766 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles around 5:40 and turned on my computer and got it set up. I was able to get wireless reception... who knows how and I could connect to yahoo and started chatting with those in a chat group. Around 5:45-5:50 I got out of my car and went to the front of the building. I noticed someone already outside of the building... turned out to be UnseenPresence from the numbers board. I asked him to take a few pics for me of me with ninja's HE glyph.

After having all these pictures taken we just waited around for awhile. I decided that every 15 minutes i would wak around the building as well as update those waiting for me in the chat. After an hour past and nothing was located we started to see things that didn't exist. For instance there was a sing up on a post next to the building that said "LOST: dog" and i thought it might be vincent... it wasn't, it did however become lost on 8/16... ironic. Anywho finally around 8:20ish i had just completed another walk around and check in... and im standing in front of the building and from the corner of my right eye i notice a car with something funny looking on the side. I yelled out "I see it" "The glyphs on that car" and then high-tailed it after the car. It turned a corner and i assumed it was heading into the parking area behind the EW building, so i took a shortcut in front of the building as the car went behind the building. When I got to the otherside of the bilding the car was getting ready to park so i took these pictures in case it continued driving.

So then as he turned around to park the man driving gave me a sign with his finger telling me to hold on for a second. As this occured Unseen starting catching up to where I was and i didn't know what happened to SamG. When the car finally parked, the man got out and put money into the parking meter and then walked into pavillions got coffee and a pastry and then walked out and finally back into the building. When he first got out of his car i asked him "Are you the Doctor Jensen?" and he replied with "No" so then i took pictures of his car:

The final things i did before leaving were:

1. post ninja's glyph on his car and taped it on... so when the guy gets back he will know the truth.

2. I looked at the inside of his car for anything suspicious. and i found something

This manilla envelope says Jeff JensOn on it... either its a misspelling because of the person that sent the folder to him, or he just isn't jeff jensen but had an envelope for him... i dunno

So that's my story of the capturing of glyph 29!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, August 14, 2006

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it:

So I figured we needed a central location to be able to come to if we wanted to know who was coming to which distribution of the apollo candy bars... that way we know who to look for when we get there. When I went to Comic Con a few weeks ago, it was difficult to remember who was going to show up because I had only heard people say on the various message boards they would be attending... but trying to search the messages boards for TLEC for one single post is a difficult process. So I've made this on central location where others can find out who is going to which apollo distribution and all that jazz.

EDIT: If someone wants to be the contact person for a location that way others can contact you specifically then email me your email address and ill add you as the contact for that location.

Second EDIT:
For the following locations you must RSVP in order to attend (Thanks so much for Dennis for all this info):

Sept 20 - San Francisco -

To get VIP access to the event answer the survey questions as followed (Thanks Dennis for this info too):
* I checkout blogs & podcasts every week. Yes
* Having the latest technology as soon as it comes out is very important to me. Yes
* I prefer to spend most of my time at home. No
* Friends look to me for the latest trends, styles & recommendations. Yes
* I prefer the pace of city life to the suburbs. Yes

Apollo has officially canceled the two santa monica events on the 5th and 19th due to "unforseen circumstances". However, there will still be the final event on the 16th at the Viceroy Hotel.

Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2006.

Location: San Francisco, Ca at the American Restaurant inside the Hotel Vitale

Address: 8 Mission Street, San Francisco, Ca 94150

Time: 5:00PM-9:00PM

NoIQ (Monte)
Tiredcynic (Stacey)
Randy +1-5

Lost Apollo Bars are still available in the UK.

Go to , get the code for the day by clicking on UK distribution. Then go to one of the stores on the list! (

Saturday, August 12, 2006

So this was in interesting night for all of us... For me personally I drove over 100 miles today, went on 5 major freeways and did the majority of this at 1am in the morning.... yes I am definetely a Dwight. I finally got to the studio at 2am... I had to take my girlfriend back to her house before I could start my expedition... which cost me the coveted prize of being first there... but heck I still have my girlfriend so all is not lost. :^)

Here's the pics... hope you enjoy.

For those of you who don't know the code is: 4R19Y0uxb6y

Thursday, August 10, 2006

here's the picture I received from David in my email guys!